A graduate of Limerick School of Art and Design, knitwear designer Colette Ashe completed a Masters of Arts in Fashion and Textiles, specialising in Knitwear in 1995 at Nottingham Trent University U.K. At that time, CAD/CAM was in its infancy, however Ashe could see the possibilities this proposed to fine knitwear.  After travelling extensively and living in The Netherlands for some years, working mainly with high street brands, Ashe returned to Ireland and worked for the renowned Irish knitwear designer Lainey Keogh.

COLETTI was established in 2013 using the world’s best luxurious cashmere yarn for warmth and comfort, fully fashioning for body caressing sensation and incorporating vibrant and sensual colours for intimacy and confidence. COLETTI is about uniqueness, quality and durability. From formal full-length coats to cashmere dresses and beanie hats, Ashe’s vision is simple: to provide the most elegant, stylish and wearable of modern European knitwear.

Designed, developed and manufactured (knitted) in its purpose built studio in Wicklow, Ireland, COLETTI is produced on some of the oldest and newest knitting machines in Ireland, which makes Ashe currently the only knitwear designer capable of producing 12 gage intarsia or jacquard pieces. Specialising in Cashmere makes this designer even more unusual, coming from a country which has a tradition of chunky seafaring Island wear.

Striving to push the boundaries of our conceptual perception of knitwear, COLETTI uses the most advanced knitwear technology and traditional finishing techniques. Each collection represents an exploration of intarsia, jacquards and fashioning.  All made using 100% cashmere, the fully fashioned products are made with reduced waste and all scoured and milled using rainwater in ecological friendly soaps.

For her first collection to be presented at Tranoï Preview, Ashe draws on inspiration from the works of the Irish artist Patrick Scott, who had a modernising influence on Irish art and design and helped to change perceptions of the country and its people. Inspired by his geometric paintings, this collection will challenge people’s perception of knitwear and as a medium to explore garment shapes, textures and colour. The AW16 collection will present a fine gauge cashmere collection consisting of coats through to dresses, all exploring and reinterpreting knitted garment shapes.

COLETTI is currently available at the Coletti Studio Gallery, Kildare, Ireland.