Umit Unal currently runs his private atelier in the ancient part of Istanbul/Turkey, where he designs his collections with a small team of artists, craftsmen and family members. Although rooted in Istanbul, Unal sees himself as an international designer, creating unisex fashion for unique, rural and urban people. Growing up in the environment of a tailor’s family influenced him in many ways and defined his destiny. After studies in archaeology, art history and fashion design, he decided to focus completely on his own brand.

“I interpret all my childhood memories which I witness and impressions of Istanbul's small atölyelerinde (workshops) that I interpret to daily life again.”

Taking inspiration for his FW1617 collection, to be shown at Tranoï New York, from the 1980 epic American Western film written and directed by Michael Cimino ‘Heaven's Gate’, the collection is full of warm details, mostly pants in rich wool fabrics, dark tones, washed wool and cotton surfaces. New forms feature ancient details and hand stitching. Vintage shirts, dresses, check graphic woven fabric skirts, leather jackets washed leathers make up the collection, representing his individual approach to dark fashion.