Created by Jérôme Touron, from France, and Claus Lindorff, from Sweden, RON DORFF (the contraction of both founders’ names) is a stand off of their respective origins and cultures. Combining classic French taste and Swedish functional spirit, the brand offers a new idea of sportswear: smart, modern and functional.

Essential pieces created from impeccable cuts made in carefully chosen, high-quality materials. Neither too technical nor casual, the unordinary basics carrying the Ron Dorff label constantly reflect an original franco-scandinavian aesthetic. Season after season, affirms their style and their mantra ‘DISCIPLINE IS NOT A DIRTY WORD’.

More than being a fashion brand, Ron Dorff promotes a true lifestyle vision based on healthy and active body. Following this idea, the French-Swedish house collaborated with FACE Stockholm to create a cosmetics line, ‘Skin Discipline’, for him and for her. This passion for sport also pushed them to team with the brand Martone Cycling co. to create the Velo Love bike in 2014.

Taking designing simple but essential styles as a starting point, ostentatious logos don’t own the garments. The models are simply a signed original and discreet detail: two black lacquered eyelets, revealing the skin and representing the two ‘Os’ in RON DORFF.

Ron Dorff is currently available in 80 international concept stores such as Colette, Paris, The Webster, Miami, Jeffrey, New York, and the Corner Berlin, Berlin, as well as their two flagship stores in Paris and London.