Born November 1978, Siberian-born Ludmilla Radchenko graduated with a degree in Fashion Design. The artist blends photographs captured from her own experiences and travels in digital collage and lively acrylic painting to create an entirely unique art form. Far from classic Pop Art style, Radchenko presents her subjects in a key to reflect, loading it with social content in order to expand. Her anarchist pictorial stroke applied to the specification of digital collage, creates rich compositions in visual messages, collage of everyday life with touches of irony.  What results are paintings that reverberate with numerous significances meant to connect personally to the viewer. Radchenko’s attraction to Pop Art methods stems in part from a childhood spent in an anti-capitalistic Soviet regime, where the prohibited vivid colours, logos, brands, and advertising of modern culture became focal points of desire. As she explains, “Pop Art instinctively transformed in Pop Realism, became a perfect way to fill in my blanks and express my vision”. Radchenko currently lives and works in Milan, Italy, where she has opened her own art studio.  Since December 2010, her first catalogue ‘Power Pop’, edited by Skira, can be found in Feltrinelli libraries.  In deference to the pop spirit, Radchenko, doesn't limit her interest to canvas but spreads her touch to fashion and design too. Radchenko gets commissions to create paintings for some rock stars like Jamiroquai and Grace Johns, for world’s champions of moto GP Jorge Lorenzo and of F1 Sebastian Vettel.

SIBERIAN SOUP FULLART is the brand created in 2014 from the declination of Ludmilla Radchenko’s art. SIBERIAN SOUP FULLART comes from the research of transform art into fashion with an eclectic sensibility and style, undeniably vibrant and colourful.

Radchenko, interprets her artworks, giving birth to pop icons ready to wear: creating continuously multiples of art. the subjects of the paintings come to life on luxury fabrics like silk scarves and leggings, boxed in special cans of “soup” Siberian Soup, what feeds the soul of the artist, condensed here and accessible to everybody, giving the possibility to appreciate art, and to wear it with an amazing style.