Sebastien Durelli is the creative mind behind ROSS & BROWN. Groomed by his father Stefano Durelli, creator of the brand Henry Cottons, he developed his design tasted on vintage elements and passion for details. He reached the maturity working with La Martina and Patrizia Pepe where in charge of production he developed a deep knowledge of materials and R&D. A true citizen of the wold Sebastien lived in UK and US working along others at Cartier.


ROSS & BROWN shapes are influenced by the retro/vintage eyewear frames that have changed this industry in the past 70 years, forms that have made this object not just a tool for a better viewing or sun protection but a way to express the personality and style of the wearer. Each style recalls a city or a place at a particular moment in time: some of the ROSS & BROWN’s styles are based on Paris in the ‘50s, Cannes in the ‘60s, LA in the ‘70s or Milano in the ‘80s.  At the same time even though an icon is full of meaning and memories it may not fully reflect who we are today. This is why ROSS & BROWN has revisited these classics, reinventing them using innovative materials and colours combinations so those who wear ROSS & BROWN’s glasses will become part of an exciting journey rooted in its heritage; “Timeless Design with a Contemporary Twist”.

The collections to be presented at TRANOÏ Paris: Women’s is inspired by old and dusty shapes from the last 70 years, reborn in a contemporary look and feel.

ROSS & BROWN can be found in leading stores worldwide, including Harvey Nichols, Lane Crawford, American Rag.