TRANOÏ New York: Parfums Speaker Series


Join us for discussions on the perfume and fragrance universe with industry professionals at The Tunnel, 269 11th Avenue, West Chelsea, during TRANOÏ New York: Parfums.

Saturday, September 17, 2016 / 9am to 9:30am

Topic: "You're In! Getting Your Brand in Stores and in Print"


• Rita Sayegh — Retail Director, Mills Pharmacy, Birmingham, MI

• Kerrilynn Pamer — Co-Founder & CEO, CAP Beauty, New York City

• Greg Turpan -- Founder & Owner, Turpan, Easthampton NY and Santa Monica, CA

• Emily Dougherty — Beauty Director, Elle Magazine

• Elaine D'Farley — Former Beauty Director, Self Magazine and Former Editor-in-Chief, SpaFinder

Moderator: Kim-Van Dang, President, KVD NYC Inc.

Sunday, September 18, 2016 / 9am to 9:30am

Topic: "The Art of Retail — Curating the Consumer Experience"


• Armand Hadida — Creative Director, TRANOÏ & Owner, LECLAIREUR

• Pete Born — Beauty Director, WWD

• Jodi Sandman — CEO, Crescala Fashion Development, and Brand Developer, Raw Spirit fragrances

• Jessica Richards, Owner, Shen Beauty, Brooklyn, NY

• Cory Ingram — Independent Retail Consultant + Merchandiser

Moderator: Kim-Van Dang, President, KVD NYC Inc.

Monday, September 19, 2016 / 9am to 9:30am

Topic: "Fragrance Trends: What's Next After Oud?"


• Eric Weiser — Owner of Twisted Lily, Brooklyn, NY

• Anthony Qaiyum — Owner of Merz Apothecary, Chicago, IL

• Sherri Sebastian — Perfumer and Owner, Provision fragrances

• Stephen Dirkes — Perfumer and Owner, Euphorium Brooklyn

• Leo Crabtree — Creative Director, Beaufort London

• Douglas Bender — Writer and Perfumer, Charenton Macerations

Moderator: Kim-Van Dang, President, KVD NYC Inc.