An original first collection under his own name name, ALESSANDRO ENRIQUEZ, fashion contributor and editor at, creates a capsule collection of women bags, taking the most of his personal experiences and memories, and mixing them with colors and shapes to remember his “Heritage”. The inspiration and the common thread are represented by a golden bracelet from the ‘50s with a small naval mine and many chaton settings, offered by his grand-mother.

Enriquez designs for a woman who is a composer. She plays the harp, she sings, she dances and the designer represents her by using the images of her many musically creative phases.

The collection is made up of various prints, embroideries, sewing but also uses laser-cut treatment: the brand mixes styles in a very contemporary spirit. The vivid color palette goes from turquoise to sea water, from lacquered red to the yellow of the sun, up to a section made of caramel and black in his last version.