It all started when Alexis Giannotti got into skateboarding. He grew up influenced by the skateboarding scene, wearing oversized clothes during practice that were comfortable yet stylish. We got the chance to talk with Alexis Giannotti to learn more about his brand Omogene.


How did you become a designer?

Very long story, I actually became a designer by chance as in the very beginning there were no predetermined factors for me to become a fashion designer. I am however related to the painter Alexis Axilette, and originally wanted to become an industrial designer.

For me, I have always experienced clothes as an element which represents a style, a culture, or social class; this started for me with streetwear and workwear since I was a teenager.


Why did you choose the name Omogene?

I like the sound of the pronunciation of the word ‘Omogene’.

The idea also came to me from the quote of Antoine Lavoisier “Nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything transforms” - this is the foundation of my creative process. There is no sense of time, as everything blends well together in a homogeneous way.

Lastly, 7 is my lucky number, and Omogene has 7 letters with the G (Giannotti) placed in the center of the word, which acts as the natural balance.


Where do you get your inspirations from?

A part of my inspirations comes from Italian fabrics with unique technical properties and the silhouettes of vintage workwear. My inspirations can also come from everyday moments such as an encounter with a street musician, a stroll along a Parisian boulevard, the life moments which takes place around you while sitting at the table of an Italian café with an espresso, or the discovery of old objects in the stockroom of a boutique.

It is generally a random process...which is eclectic, yet intoxicating.