Art-themed bags handmade with paint, shell or wood. Seen in Harper's Bazaar, Glam, Cleo, TimeOut, L'Officiel, AZOOI is a new accessories designer of TRANOÏ Paris: Women's Pre-collections.

How and why did you become a designer?

I started as an amateur painter who was looking for a new canvas. I started painting and sometimes embellishing clutches that I had bought and one day, I was stifled by the canvases before me. I wanted to create pieces that were entirely as I imagined and I realized I needed to design them.


How it became a vocation had everything to do with the response some people had to these clutches. Even the very first imperfect piece I made, I sold it and it gave me great satisfaction to know I had created something someone else could connect with.


How would you describe your brand in a few simple words?

Art-centric, feminine pieces that favors simple silhouettes.


Where do you get your inspirations from?

I draw a lot of inspiration for our main motifs from nature; animals, plants, organic shapes and patterns. I then tend look to contemporary art to help us translate our message by incorporating modern ideas on color and symmetry.


What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself?

Nothing learned is ever wasted and that the path one takes to reach any goal is never linear.