Meet Quoc-Anh Cornette, buyer of the Korean it-shop Tom Greyhound which offers an eclectic array of creations from international designers.

What is your philosophy / your inspirations ?

When it comes to shopping, Paris has a lot to offer : from department stores, fashion stores to concept-stores you can find all the brands you want here. When we opened in 2014, we wanted to offer our very own vision of fashion. A lot of people buy brands they know, so we decided to showcase our selections by theme and not by brands. By doing this, young talents and upcoming labels are considered at the same level as big and established brands. Fashion to us has to be fun and to have an open attitude. 

Is there a particular market of emerging designers that interest you ? Latin America ? Philippines ? Spain ?

There’s so many accessories and jewellery brands from Spain, Latin America or Israel that I love like Hereu, BIIS, Paola Vilas or Knobbly Studio. They all have their unique style but do share the same approach to craftsmanship. Another market that we all need to watch is South-Korea. They have a growing appetite for fashion and I simply love their energy. South-Korea’s fashion culture is developing very fast and there’s a lot of young talents there like Ader Error or Reike Nen. 

Tom Greyhound Interview for TRANOÏ

What do you think about the future of wearable technology ?

Given the impact of smartphones on our way of life, wearable technology will soon develop from a niche market to a mass market. But there are clearly still a lot of technical and aesthetic barriers before we get there and even more particularly in the fashion market. 

And what about See-now Buy-now ?

I think that “see now buy now” can be interesting if applied on a small part or theme of the collection. I really doubt that this model will last as most of brands can simply not afford it. A collection available right off the runway implies a lot of marketing and social media behind to make it work.

How do you see the future of retail stores with the increase of e-commerce ?

Internet has an important place in our daily routine and has definitely influenced most consumption behaviour. We have access to a lot more information, brands, items, etc. But however, I strongly believe that most customers still feel the need to go in store to finalize a purchase. The experience and service you have in store is unbeatable by what offers online platforms. Our customers are coming to our store for our selection, our vision, our shop’s team and for many more reasons that makes us unique. For concept-stores like us, online and e-commerce has to be a tool to improve our offline experience.


What are the major trends of FW 17-18 ?

The keypiece for next FW17-18 is cleary the 90’s powersuit; boxy shapes, exaggerated shoulders, pinstripes and double-breasted suits/coats are in every collections. The oversized puffa jacket is also very strong again this Winter. 


Tom Greyhound 

19 Rue de Saintonge, 75003 Paris​