Fête Impériale has just opened their galerie-boutique hidden in the heart of Le Marais in Paris!

Fascinated by the open and uninhibited spirit of the nineteenth century in Paris, as well as the decadence of the wild nights ofthe 80s, designer Laura Gauthier Petit decided to inject some liveliness and freshness into Parisian fashion.

In the summer of 2015, she confidently launched Fête Impériale then announced it conspicuously on the walls of the capital. Her creative genius is nourished by the cultural richness of the Second Empire and its baroque architecture which she reproduces with accuracy and makes accessible to everyone. Mixing the erotic and aesthetic references from the Belle Epoque with the insurrectionary casualness of the punk movement of the 80s, Fête Impériale breaks traditional rules and plays with contrasts. 

28 rue du Roi de Sicile, 75004 Paris

Open Monday to Friday from 10AM - 6PM

Weekend opening by appointment - 01 57 40 69 30 or by email at contact@feteimperiale.fr